Who They Is (prod. Arca)

from by Connie Chung

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reppin' API though i don't have the cred
got a lineage before me running deep inside my head
what i said was just regurgitated shit like "fuck the feds"
seeking all the adulation before slinking off to bed

go ahead, say the words, they're on the tip of your tongue:
"he's so naïve, idealistic, immature, and young"
i was born six weeks, never had good lungs
always gasping for breath, tryna be heard

now you've wrung me dry
i wish that you could understand how it feels
to be silenced by a platform of respectability
to be reeled in by facelessness,
come in and peel this mask off
and maybe you'll find someone real

never healed because i didn't want to play the victim
but in this world if you're not against them you're with them
my complicity a mark on my forehead from years of practice
a red flag to my comrades in this fight for justice

used to think i had to find myself
used to think i had to know myself

(but that truly some nonsense so they put the blame on me)

so let me rise to the bait of your hate
you know i don't need to tell you cuz you know that you're fake
i tried to care about your feelings and your little heart breaking
does it get good? boy, i'm still here waiting

it takes a lot it hurts a lot it gives a lot, i'm shaken
all these motherfuckers walk around like they taking
from the vestiges of beauty that my family's forsaken
in the name of your freedom, in the name of a nation

my story's being written as i speak, in the nascent stages,
and i've hardly had a peek at the adjacent pages
but i know what i'll find when i glance behind:
contradicting narratives intertwined

used to think i had to find myself
used to think i had to know myself



from Connie Chung, released March 31, 2014



all rights reserved


Connie Chung New York, New York

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