123 (prod. Gangpol und Mit)

from by Connie Chung

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stave it off 1 2 3
and there's so many things you wish you could be
let's see: a savior, commander, a good person
i see you tryna think of it as better or worse than
mm, sorry, that's not how it works
a zero sum game of personality quirks
i'd call you immoral
but i don't really think that would make a dent in your personality

you keep me breathing you heathen why come you gotta be so bad
you know that if i gave two shits about you it would make me sad
but as for now it's energizing cuz i'm sizing you up
and fuck this feeling i'm reeling from boy you know you're in luck

and i know that i'm compromising
expending too much energy maximalizing
i'm done with you because you ain't recognizing
my usual abstractions materializing
got my legs propped up, i'm realizing that
you're a cancer metastasizing
and the only way to live is to cut you out
which i really don't mind cuz you're such a lout

let's get together and listen to björk
i really like to tell myself that i'm a piece of work
with a predisposition to completely shirk
my responsibilities with a laugh and a smirk
i'm self-destructive with a penchant for the melodramatic
and what i let you see is just an animatic
when everything's filled in you better run and hide
because what goes on underneath runs deep and far and wide

(go to sleep and don't wake up
strap on your heels, and let's make up)

wait, where the fuck even am i?
thought this was a screening of seven samurai
now i'm discombobulated and feeling semi-conscious and woozy and drunk
you're kind of a hunk and i'm bored already
hold steady, that's a band you probably listen to
am i right? i'm usually right. i've never heard them but i think i'm right.

and i'm not playin no i got a piece and i'm ready to say it now
i really think that i got to show you how to not be your usual self
but i really wanna turn down a little bit
gotta be able to see you clearly come to me
and i'll take care of you

attention: subjects with tension have ascension on their schedules today
attention: subjects with pensions have ascension on their minds
attention: all men and yes i mean all men are to be stopped
attention: all men and yes i mean all men you have been dropped


from Connie Chung, released March 31, 2014



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Connie Chung New York, New York

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