BBB (prod. Gangpol und Mit)

from by Connie Chung

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i don't trust myself anymore
and you wish you knew the reason why
what's your supply? i think you're running low
moving too slowly
i'm so unholy
you're looking homely
standing in the back singing "oh comely"

you call yourself "disaffected"
blasé erected
"make sure that you're protected and uninfected"
"i don't care how it feels!"
watch me as i kick my heels up yours
directed by harmony korine
authentic original sin
playing the tiniest violin
digging deep into your skin
a piece of shit-eating grin
sitting back with your gin
"i love paris, have you been?"

stop being such a bossy business bottom boy
it's not a good look for you
and i swear that i've got cotton mouth
from excessively eating you
if i may say so myself i do not think the meal was worth it
and it will take at least a year for us to unearth it
was that a bit too much for your delicate sensibilities
for my taste at least you foreclose too many possibilities
see i prefer my masc bros thrown in he trash
with a tail between their legs and out the door in a flash


from Connie Chung, released March 31, 2014



all rights reserved


Connie Chung New York, New York

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